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Fair Trade : new approaches

Despite a sluggish context, fair trade market continues its growth. In France, it it reached 429 million euros and 11.1% growth in 2013. But before being a “market” trade fair is an innovative approach to national and international trade. Supported by an economic movement of producers and companies, fair trade has been evolving for over 40 years. Its players do not always have converging interests, which is its evolutions, particularly in the area of labeling, are often debatable.

Fairtrade International, the pioneer (but not unique) fair trade label, opened 2014 by introducing a new label to expand the market for labeled products. This development, insufficiently coordinated, led to controversy. In France, several players have also come together to develop a Local Fair Trade Charter. This expansion of fair trade to local trade is the result of a long-term trend, producers and consumers in the North and South being more and more aware of their belonging to the same trade system.

#obsolout: How to hack obsolescence in 3 steps

From a technical term reserved to engineers, the obsolescence of our everyday objects has become in recent years a common term, and an important social issue. Overview of this phenomenon, and solutions for de-planning obsolescence: #obsolout.


Biodiversity is the fabric of life, the variety and diversity of species and ecosystems, and the relations beween them.

This short animation film from the students of the Vancouver Film School explains in 2 minutes 40 secondes what biodiversity is.

The figures are not always quite exactly right, but the video is nice and comprehensive.


Biodiversity explained visually

The Vancouver Film School students produced an excellent film to explain visually Biodiversity, and its links to human society. The number of species (mammales, plants, etc.) are undervalued by 10 to 20%. But they got the basic concepts right, and the film is both visually attractive and educative.

It’s less than 3 minutes long, and worth seing. Just look!

The pursuit of happiness and the economy

English English Happiness is a trending topic, which seems to defy economics: Can a society be ruled by the “pursuit of happiness” (this is part of the oath of US citizens, isn’t it?). And if the answer is positive, how can you measure happiness to ensure there is progress in the pursuit of it? Here are several indications of the new importance of happiness in economics and hints on the relationship between the two concepts.

Read on and watch the trailer of a documentary to be released very soon!

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