Expert de la durabilité des filières de produits naturels, chef de projets et auteur.

The current Great Transition, by nature ecological, economical and social, invites companies, citizens and local authorities to take inspiration from life.

Food, Health & Sustainable value chains

Food is the basis of human health, and agroecology relies on abundant and diversified ecosystems.
We support natural and cultural value chain:

  • Support to creation of sustainable products and value chains
  • Ethical sourcing: organic, green, fair trade products
  • Organic, fair trade, geographical indications, and other certifications
  • Access and Benefit Sharing Agreements
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Transition: from local to global

Current economical, social and political systems are in deep crisis.

The Great Citizen Transition gathers approches, that favor resilience, diversity, cooperation and the common good. 

We propose:

  • Local and corporate audit, in its human and natural environment
  • Support to a cross cutting transition process
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Economy & the Biosphere

An economical development based on the potential of human society and the biosphere

We propose:

  • Evaluation and integration of environmental and social externalities
  • Evaluation and integration of Ecosystem Services to the community or company
  • Accompanying the community or business towards a symbiotic development
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