The current Great Transition, by nature ecological, economical and social, invites companies, citizens and local authorities to take inspiration from life.

Economy & the Biosphere

An economical development based on the potential of human society and the biosphere
  • Evaluation and integration of environmental and social externalities
  • Evaluation and integration of Ecosystem Services to the community or company
  • Accompanying the community or business towards a symbiotic development
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Sustainable & ethical value chains

High natural and cultural value chains: coffee, cocoa, spices, aromatic plants, cosmetic ingredients, textiles, handicraft

  • Support to creation of sustainable products and value chains
  • Ethical sourcing: organic, green, fair trade products
  • Organic, fair trade, geographical indications, and other certifications
  • Access and Benefit Sharing Agreements
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Transition: from local to global

Current economical, social and political systems are brittle and poorly diversified

New approches, that each one can adopt, favor resilience, diversity, cooperation and the common good. 

  • Local and corporate audit, in its human and natural environment
  • Support to a cross cutting transition process
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